History and Purpose

neemkarolibaba“Love is the best Medicine; it is more powerful than electricity.”
— Neem Karoli Baba, a great saint of India

Flying Monkey Foundation (FMF) was an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit foundation in North Carolina which arranged and presented classes, conferences, lectures, and workshops. These programs were designed to provide support for nurses, health care professionals, and peacemakers so they might deliver more compassionate care to patients, families, and communities.

Since closing the 501(c) in 1996, Jon Seskevich has presented over 300 talks, and has sponsored and helped arrange programs in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of NC, including Sharon Salzberg, integrative medicine conferences, Krishna Das, Ram Dass, Jai Uttal, BlueGrass Kirtan, and K. Sridhar concerts.

Here’s a partial list of past FMF programming, 1986-1995:

• “Conscious Living, Conscious Dying ,” author, Stephen Levine in conjunction with the Duke Women’s Services October 19, 1995. Page Auditorium. 575 participants.

• “Durham Stress Clinic: Mind-Body Healing and Stress Reduction Skills.” Between October, 1993 and April, 1995. Seven series of six week classes in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction were taught by Jeffrey Brantley, MD and Jon Seskevich, RN.

• “Healing Touch.” In Durham at Duke University, the Carolina Friends School and Avila Retreat Center. Between September, 1990 and August, 1994 in conjunction with the American Holistic Nurses Association Certificate Program. FMF arranged 20 workshops. There were 30-55 students at each three or four day event. The national average was 18 students.

• “Conscious Living, Conscious Dying,” Stephen Levine April 9-10, 1994. Durham Civic Center, Durham, NC. 520 participants.

• “Mindfulness Meditation Retreat” with John Orr and Jon Seskevich. Oct. 8-10, 1993. Durham, NC. 40 participants.

• “Spiritual Perspectives and Practices for Daily Life,” Ram Dass, April 11-12, 1993. Chapel Hill, NC. 400 participants.

• “The Role of the Mind in Health and Illness: Science, Art and Spirit,” Larry Dossey, MD and Barbara Dossey, RN, FAAN, Nov. 14, 1992 Duke University, Durham. 100 participants workshop. Nov. 13, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, free public lecture 250.

• “Healing into Life and Death,” Stephen Levine, Oct. 5-6, 1991. Atlanta, Georgia. 220 participants.

• “Here and Now in the 90’s,” Ram Dass. April 11, 1990 Duke University, Durham, NC. A benefit for the Seva Foundation. 1100 participants.

• “Who Dies? An Exploration of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying.” Stephen Levine, Mar 17-18, 1990 Duke University, Durham, NC. 330 participants.

• “Conscious Living, Conscious Dying,” -Stephen and Ondrea Levine, March 18-19, 1989. Duke University, Durham, NC. 440 participants.

• “Therapeutic Touch,” two workshops with Patricia Hooks, RN, MSN, Feb. 24, 1990. Raleigh & March 31, 1990. Durham. 25 participants.

• “To Heal is to Make Happy and How to Be Nutty.” A lecture and workshop with Patch Adams, MD and Ruth Hamilton humorist, Sept. 22-24 1988 Chapel Hill. 150 participants.

• “Cultivating the Heart of Compassion” Ram Dass Dec. 6, 1986. Chapel Hill. A benefit for the Seva Foundation which provided free cataract surgeries in India and Nepal. This surgery which cures blindness cost this time, $20 in US funds. $12,000 was raised! 1300 participants. The success of this program lead to the founding of FMF.