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Sharon Salzberg Coming to the Triangle

“Sharon Salzberg is an amazing teacher, and her words … illuminate the way to love wisely.” – Jack Kornfield

Unity Church of the Triangle
5570 Munford Rd Raleigh, NC
Contact: Jon Seskevich 919 286-1207

Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection
Friday Sept. 21st
Evening lecture begins at 7:30pm

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we all live our lives searching for a sense of belonging, yet may still find ourselves feeling cut off and alone. What holds us back from connecting with one another or our core emotional strengths? Sharon Salzberg explores the art of mindful connection with ourselves, one another, and with all of life from her new book, Real Love. Topics will include “Is loving ourselves really selfish?” and “How can you love someone if you don’t like them and are committed to fighting their actions. Should you?

Suitable for beginning and experienced students of meditation This evening will include a talk, sit and Q&A.

Friday Evening Talk Tickets in advance $15.00
Day of the event and at the door $20

Finding Balance with Sharon Salzberg

Saturday Sept.22nd
Day long workshop: 9:30am- 4:30pm
Equanimity is about meeting life, no matter what arises, with an open and responsive heart. It is a steadiness of mind and a calm understanding that allows us to be with the constantly changing and shifting landscape of our world. Equanimity does not mean indifference or apathy, rather it is a spaciousness of mind that empowers lovingkindness and compassion and supports them in action.

This is a practice for times of joy (so as to experience it more fully) as well as times of conflict, frustration, and uncertainty. Suitable for both new and experienced meditators, this workshop includes guided meditations, talks and time for questions and answers.

Contact hours for continuing education will be applied for.

Saturday Workshop Tickets in advance: $75.00
At the door $80
Tickets in advance:$90 both

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Sign-up Here for Saturday Lunch provided by Govinda’s Catering (gluten-free and vegan)  People are welcome to communicate with me directly about other allergen questions or concerns. My email is

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Creamy “Chickin” with Mushrooms (contains soy)
Brown Rice
Roasted Root Salad



About Sharon

Sharon Salzberg is a central figure in the field of meditation, a world-renowned teacher and NY Times bestselling author. She has played a crucial role in bringing meditation and mindfulness practices to the West and into mainstream culture since 1974, when she first began teaching. She is the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA and the author of ten books including NY Times bestseller, Real Happiness, her seminal work, Lovingkindness and, Real Love, her latest release by Flatiron Books.

Acclaimed for her humorous, down-to-earth teaching style, Sharon offers a secular, modern approach to Buddhist teachings, making them instantly accessible. She is a regular columnist for On Being, a contributor to Huffington Post, and the host of her own podcast: The Metta Hour. For more information, visit

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Chanting is Universal!


This is my 2016 CD release. I bring recordings from my past with the great Universal Chanting group, old-time music with chanting: BlueGrass Kirtan recordings and add 2 new Hanuman Chalisa Chants. Read more below.

To get the CD, hear samples, learn more about the artists. Click here.
English Hanuman Chalisa
Chanting is Universal! One Sheet PDF
Album Cover and Liner Notes

Jon Seskevich and a talented, heart-full group of singers & musicians from North Carolina perform chants from around the world in traditional styles and for the last four tracks, bring Appalachian fiddle and banjo tunes & sacred phrases together for a unique transcendental experience. We begin and end the CD with the Hanuman Chalisa. First with harmonium and a unique English translation the 40 verses are sung, and we close with the Chalisa in Hindi rapped to an Old-Time BlueGrass tune. You have to hear these! See More


building-resiliency400Building Resiliency
A great new spoken word CD from Jon Seskevich

Listen and Download Some Tracks or Order CD on  ITunes

MP3 Format – Preview and Download Some Tracks and available  Amazon

Preview and Download Individual Tracks or Order CD from
CD Baby

Or mail order now $10.00


“Who is speaking on the CD and what experience does he have?”

Jon Seskevich RN, BSN, BA, CHTP is a certified stress management instructor and healing touch practitioner. Since 1987, this pioneer in holistic nursing has successfully integrated therapies that build resiliency at one of the world’s foremost medical centers in Durham, NC. He has seen over 40,000 hospitalized patients in this career.

This popular speaker and winner of a Great 100 Nurses in North Carolina, Alumnus of the Year and Friends of Nursing awards, presents the science and art of healing: improving physical functioning and quality of life.

These insights come from a career of study, clinical practice and research in stress management. His hospital work has been assisting people to cope with major life changes. These include illness, loss and “waiting and not knowing.” This recording is shared from his heart in his well-loved, soothing, relaxing voice. See More


From Bindu to Ojas


A Website to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Ram Dass’ classic Be Here Now. 

Many don’t know that the before the book by Ram Dass that inspired generations Be Here Now was published, in 1970 two printing for a total of 10,000 copies of a cardboard box filled with, a series of books, pamphlets, posters, a record album and more, were distributed free. Donations were greatfully accpeted. Items in this box were put together to make Be Here Now by Ram Dass, the Lama Foundation and Crown Publishing. See pictures of the entire box. read the story: From Bindu to Ojas.

BlueGrass Kirtan

A CD featuring Jon Seskevich and fiddle great AC Bushnell combining ancient sacred words in Sanskrit, Latin, and Tibetan chanted with old-time American Appalachian fiddle and banjo tunes.
Cost $10.00
More info and to order
Videos, samples, CD
Also available iTunes,